Big Project Update

Hey everyone!

It’s been a long time since I’ve talked about the current state of the Pursuit of Grace, and a lot has changed since the last post.

First of all, the most important news.

We didn’t win the BJU film competition.

And yes, I’m pretty disappointed with the results. It’s easy to become so very focused on winning the competition; my focus needs to be on why I’m even making this film- I want to glorify God in what I do. This is just a way to prove that I actually believe that.

Now the important question-

Where’s the film?

I’m going to give the famous cop-out answer- it’s coming when it’s done.

And I know that I submitted a version to the competition already. However, I got some very valuable feedback from the judges of the competition. I’m trying to make the Director’s Cut the very best it can be, and I think to make it that way it will take a little bit of tweaking.

So what am I actually doing right now? To explain that, I want to show you a little bit of what the workflow is like for the Pursuit of Grace.

I mainly edited the BJU cut in Sony Vegas. This is what the timeline looked like:


I tried to keep things organized, but that’s just not how things worked out.

I’m trying out organization through the Adobe Prelude trial, and so far, I’m liking the workflow.


Speaking of organization, storing about 100GB of raw footage hasn’t exactly been a piece of cake, but I’ve really loved OneDrive for Business through my school. It’s allowed me to keep only what I’m currently using on my SSD, while the rest remains in the cloud, ready for me to download it when I need it.

Storage details for the Pursuit of Grace


I had a pretty cool opportunity come up through this project. My mom is a part of a “Christians at work” group at a major corporation headquartered in my hometown. She told them about the film, and they actually watched the early version yesterday. And it sounds like it started some pretty good discussion about the message of the gospel, which is fantastic news!

All glory be to God!

I’m hoping the Pursuit of Grace will be finished by early December. And I plan to be more active actually telling you what I’m doing. I’ve also asked my friend Luke (who plays Eric in the film) to quickly edit a little trailer for the film to put out on Facebook soon, so keep watch for that.

I’m currently trying to figure out how to better improve communication about the project.


Thanks so much for your support! I apologize for lack of communication, but I promise I will work hard to keep you updated on the work for the film.


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