Daddy Called Me Grace.

July 17, 2017

Growing up, my daddy called me Grace. It’s not my middle name. it’s not a family name. He called me that because I had all the grace of a newborn giraffe. It’s okay, you can laugh. It makes ME laugh every time I think about it.
It’s only befitting that one of my favorite movies is Miss Congeniality because I can absolutely relate to Sandra Bullock’s character, GRACIE Hart (oh, the irony). While my southern roots prepared me with much better manners, I naturally feel very awkward outside of my comfort zone.
But the grace I long to pursue is not physical. It is emotional, mental and spiritual. The Lord has given me so much grace that my desire is to be able to grow in it and bestow that on my family, my friends, my neighbors, perfect strangers and…myself.
Life is hard, y’all. You will probably hear me say that quite a bit, because it’s true. It’s even harder when we try to do everything ourselves, and we don’t depend on each other and–above all–the Lord to share these burdens. We weren’t made to carry them alone. For some of us [me], being dependent is our least favorite thing. My nickname for MYSELF growing up was “Superwoman.” With three brothers I constantly tried to be as strong as they were, as smart as they were, to do what they did. As a wife and mother I try to be the best I can be. But the truth is, I’m as far from a Superwoman as you can get. I am not graceful. I burst out with random thoughts in the middle of others’ sentences (thanks, ADD!), I am at times too emotional and I often fail my precious husband and children. But it doesn’t matter. I am CREATED to be dependent on the Lord. And like it or not, so are you.
If you, too, are not perfect; if you too struggle with every day life, if you too depend on yourself way too much then come along on this journey with me as we pursue true grace.